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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


We want one month exclusivity for your story, as well as first publishing rights. So when your story runs in one of the magazines, from when the day the issue comes out for one month it cannot be up anywhere else online. After that one month exclusive period, you can republish the story elsewhere to publications that accept previously published work. Previously published work not accepted.


Story Selection

Stories are voted on by a peer committee of volunteer writers and readers known as curators. Editors make the final call using feedback from curators.


Proper formatting puts your manuscript ahead of every poorly formatted piece when we first open it. The perfect submission has:

  • Contact info in the top left.
  • Word count in the top right.
  • Title centered on the page with only name (or pen name) underneath ("by" is unnecessary).
  • No special text characters.
  • No tabs.
  • Standard serif font in about 12 point.
  • Single spaced paragraphs. Use only double paragraphs or three stars (* * *) for scene changes.
  • .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX format.
Note:  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please send each submission separately Cover letter should include a third person bio of less than 100 words with any previous publication credits and a short sentence on how you fell in love with, stumbled upon, or otherwise came in contact with eFiction India.

The Fine Print

Any reviews written by eFiction India about a product, service, attraction, etc., will be written fairly and honestly. No guarantees can be given of a positive rating or conclusion.

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in line with our guidelines.

eFiction India reserves the right to decline to review a product or run a sponsored post if it is not in line with the content/direction of this site.

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